Creative Strategy and Copywriting

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Brand Identity: ABC Family becomes Freeform

As a freelancer at Loyal Kaspar, I had the opportunity to work on the exciting transformation of ABC Family into the new Freeform. Reinventing a brand as popular and beloved as ABC Family was a great and exciting challenge. 

As my teammates set about designing a new look for the channel, I was asked to help out with brand strategy, working on the network's overall brand book, making recommendations for social media and programming strategies, as well as generating tag lines and new names for the channel. 

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About Etsy

Etsy is a vibrant, complex and incredibly thoughtful company. They came to me to distill their strong values, business proposition and overall mission into a corporate "about" page that would clearly explain what they do and what they stand for.

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Website Copy: NPR Presents

Everyone's favorite public radio network came to me for help creating—a standalone website that showcases NPR's incredible event offerings.

It was a pleasure diving deep into each show to write copy that highlights the network's unique personalities and perspectives, and gives listeners a sense of why they need to experience their favorite shows in-person.

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Brand Video: Verywell and

As launched their new health vertical, Verywell, I was hired to write a script for a fun and informative animated video that would introduce the world to the new brand. Additionally, I helped out with the marketing campaign around the launch, writing copy for banner ads and other marketing materials.