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About Me

I've been a writer for about ten years, working with brands to make them sound like the best version of themselves. I specialize in brand identity—tag lines, voice development, brand books and the like. I'm also happy to write you a website, an advertorial, a video script, or whatever the job calls for. The concepting phase is my favorite part, but I'm a great team player on the follow-through as well. 

Between writing gigs, I've produced film festivals, promoted Icelandic culture around the world, acted as an extra on Gossip Girl, gave birth to a really stellar baby (who I continue to raise), worked as a film music supervisor, filled in as a set PA, worked at Google,was a coat check girl at the Beatrice Inn, and generally embraced all the randomness New York has to offer. Not in that order. 

I am also available to write executive thought leadership content. (TLDR, I'm a ghostwriter.) I have a talent for turning other people's smart ideas into compelling pieces of content. Samples available upon request. 

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